26 October, 2009

A Different To Do List

As Christmas approaches, and the silly season begins, this is when I usually start to rush around buying, making, creating for the people in my life....this year will be somewhat different I think.

I've busy with my store, ordering like crazy, learning about the retail world, about data entry, about the computer programme the store operates on....and this, no doubt will be a constant learning curve for me!! I'm busy liasing with the beautiful Melissa, who is my pillar of strength on the stores forum, and the DT, about ways to get the place rocking again....especially with Christmas coming. Busy thinking about what to get, who need/wants what...you know how Christmas planning goes.....

Then, amongst all this madness going on, Melissa announced that she is participating in the Queensland Cancer Council's Relay For Life, and Leonie announced she was having a 'Girls Night In' raising money for Womens Cancer Research....This led me to realise that there are so many people suffering this dreadful disease out there, my friend being one of them and my husband having an asbestos related lung disease which will, in all probability, turn into cancer. So many peoples lives are affected by this, not just the sufferer, but all the people close to them too.

WOW...has this made me re-evalutate my usual Christmas 'To Do' list - and really, let's be honest, just how much 'to doing' do I need to make it a good Christmas for my family? Instead I've decided to make a different 'To Do' list...

I will sponsor Melissa in her Relay for Life
I will donate a box of goodies on behalf of Scrap Pile to help Leonie raise much needed funds for Womens Cancer Reseach.
I will send a special gift to the little African boy I sponsor's village, via World Vision, to help them have a special Christmas, remembering that while we have all the Christmas trimmings - they have nothing.
I will (and the girls on Scrap Pil's forum will appreciate this) get all the information to start sending home made cards to our troops on active duty throught the world.
I will do whatever I can to make the lives of the people I love and care about the best it can be.

Small things, big things, whatever it takes to make this a better world - we can all make a difference.

So yes.....this year I have a different To Do list!

Please help by sponsoring both Melissa and Leonie....Just click on their names & it will take you to their sponsor page!

Until next time

08 October, 2009

How Good Is This Weather!

At long last the weather has turned - for the better that is! It's been a beautiful sunny day here in WA - I'm happy, horses are happy, dogs are happy..... everyone's happy!! Just a shame we don't have daylight saving - then it would be perfect - for me that is, I know it's not for everyone, but then we all have our own reasons for wanting it or not.

We had heaps of fun over at Scrap Pile last Saturday for World Card Making Day, I even managed to have a go at the other challenges.....here's what I came up with for Leanne's Folder Card Challenge.

.......and Bel's Something Old, Something New Challenge

.....and Karen''s Tri Shutter Card Challenge

Having the store, and joining in on the forum has certainly got me 'creating' again...I'd lost it for a while, but now it's back....something else that's made me happy!!

On yet another happy subject - my puddy tat Tia got a clean bill of health at the vets the other day! She came home with clean teeth and no fur!! DD had her usual fun while clipping and gave her a Mowhawk.....decided she couldn't send her home like that, so just left her with a fluffy head, tail and legs!!! OMG - the poor cat has a complex now, two of my dogs think we have a new cat, and the other cats are just "what the hell....". Poor baby now has a cold , the nights have been really chilly, so I went and bought her a jumper today....she's not impressed! As you can see....
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Have a great day!

03 October, 2009


What an exciting day for cardmakers around the world! Over at Scrap Pile we're celebrating with card challenges and games mixed together with plenty of chat!! Stop by and join in - we would love to see you there.

This is my challenge for the day....a VERY simple Christmas card with the criteria being 1. Single Layer Cardstock. 2. A stamped image in one colour....no colouring in! 3. One type of embellishment. The card can be any size or shape.

This is my example...

Just wait till you see what Karen, Belinda and Leanne have challenged everyone to! You can find it all here!

Have a great WCMDay!

01 October, 2009

World Card Making Day!

This saturday, 3rd October, is World Card Making Day.....and it will be my very first at Scrap Pile! We're going to have an awsome day with the design team, and myself, setting some challenges. Karen, Belinda & Leanne have some great ideas going on, and I can't wait to see their finished designs. As for me, well I'm all for SIMPLE this year.....so that's what my challenge is going to be!

A quick update on my puddy tat....she's heaps better today but she's at the vet's having some tests done just to be sure. She's getting the full treatment though, teeth cleaned, polished and a new hairstyle.....

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30 September, 2009

Hello Sunshine!

OMG - the sun is out....YAY!!!!! I always feel sooo much better when those little rays beam down on me. It's pretty chilly, but hey - as long as it's not raining, I can always put a few more layers on!

Had a great start to my day - woke up to an injured horse and a sick cat - so glad DD is a vet nurse. Injured horse isn't too injured, a small cut on his foot which just bled heaps and heaps. Sick cat, well I think it may be a big fat furball rumbling around trying to break free - DD is coming up to have a look at her....will keep you posted on that one.

I made this quick card for a friends birthday using my ever faithful Spellbinders dies and Cuttlebug embossing folders.....this girl just can't live without them! Just love the effect you get when you emboss Core-dinations cardstock and sand over it - yummy. Of course I just HAD to use buttons too!!

It's not the best picture, I took it in a hurry and just propped it up against the computer - for some reason though, all my card pictures come out wonky, never straight.....oh well, will just have to keep trying!

Well, I'm off to battle my way through the hoards of kids that are on school holidays, to do some shopping.....if I'm not back in a week - come looking for me!

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29 September, 2009

It's Raining AGAIN!!!!

Yep - it's back again and after such a beautiful day yesterday, it's a real downer! I hate the rain, it always makes me feel sad, the worst part is looking out the window and seeing all my horses just standing there, bedraggled and miserable - I wish I could bring them in the house when it's like that outside.

I was supposed to go to the movies with a friend today, seeing that HAIL is predicted, I think I'd better stay in and maybe get my sample card made for a challenge I'm doing for World Card Making Day over at Scrap Pile.

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28 September, 2009


Finally...I have made it into the world of blogging. I'm stepping, or rather jumping, into the land of the unknown...for me anyway! First of all I bought an online store 'Scrap Pile' which has blown me away, on buying the store I entered into the scary world of forums and galleries. My very first effort saw me deleting the whole card gallery, I vowed then and there never to hit the delete button again without checking and double checking what I was actually doing!! I think I spent my fist 2 weeks at Scrap Pile apologising for stuffing something or other up....now, well, not sooo many mishaps! Now, here I am on my very own blog mmmmmm I wonder how many stuff ups I can make on here?

I have 'met' some great people over at the Scrap Pile forum. It's like having my very own cyber family and I'm loving every minute of it. This weekend has seen the first cyber crop since I took over the Pile and I have to say the Design Team did a great job - thanks Karen, Bel and Leanne. A big thank you too goes to Melissa - she keeps the forum going and is an inspiration to us all - mwah honey!!

I think for tonight I will quit while I'm ahead....no stuffs ups so far!